F A Q / Commonly asked questions

Where in NZ can I drive the vehicle?
Our rental cars are only permitted to be used in the South Island, unless under prior arrangement. It is much more cost effective to fly to the North Island. The ferry between the North and South Island typically cost approximately at least $250 each way for two people and a vehicle.

Where is Grit based?
We are based out of the Christchurch Airport, with a free airport shuttle service to the depot provided.

Who can drive the vehicles?
Minimum driver age - 21yrs. Only those named on the rental car policy can drive the vehicles no extra fee for multiple drivers.

Road User Charges
Road User Charges or for Diesel vehicles are not charged at gas stations (Diesel is generally around $0.60 a litre cheaper than Petrol) in New Zealand and are charged separately at $0.073 per kilometre. This will be deducted from your credit card following the return of your vehicle based on how many kilometres have been driven.

What drivers licence do I need?
You must have a full and current drivers license, and be eligible to drive in NZ. If you’re drivers license has not been issued in English, an international drivers license is also required.

What are the payment methods?
Grit accepts online credit card & cash payments. Payment in full is required at time of booking.

What deposit amount can I expect to pay?
NZD$2000 via cash or a credit card must be provided.

What type of insurance is on offer? What is my excess?
Insurance is provided as part of your rental agreement. In the case of an accident insurance excess for the vehicle or tent is $2000. Window damage excess is $200. Insurance is not provided in the case of damage to the vehicle through reckless driving or negligence. Please see the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page for more information.

We recommend you seek 3rd party rental car excess protection through your travel insurance provider.

Things to know when opening the roof tents:
Standing on vehicles bonnet and roof is not permitted and will result in damage to the vehicle and complete loss of bond. Please insure you take care while putting tents up and down not to damage the car as this is when many accidents happen.

Do the roof tents require special care?
The tents must be properly dry and clean before being folded away - this will prevent mould, rot and other damage. Shoes are not permitted in the tents and special care must be taken of the zips & tent material. The tents must be kept free from dirt & debris.

What happens if I break down or have an accident?
Grit Rentals is partnered with ‘Drive On’ Road Side Assistance service. This is free to the hirer of the vehicle. In the event of mechanical breakdown please call - 0800 25 22 23 and also advise Grit Rentals on +64 27 707 9899

What time can I pick the vehicle?
Pick up and drop off times are available at all time of the day - please make your desired pick up time clear on the booking page.

A free shuttle service is available from Christchurch Airport.

What is the drop off procedure?
Simple. Let us know the date of your return and the vehicle will be dropped to the same location. This is a secure vehicle storage facility, with a free airport transfer service. Drop the vehicle off here and enjoy the rest of your travels.

Do I need to clean the vehicle prior to return?
Yes - the rental car must be returned clean - all rubbish, mud & debris must be removed from the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including the roof top tents. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles.

What is I lose the keys?
These things happen - call the help number on the top of rental car policy form [ +64 27 707 9899 ] and we will overnight a spare set to the address you provide. $60 service fee will apply.

Can we take the vehicles off road?
Gravel roads and light off road trails are acceptable. However off roading is not recommended and insurance is provided for off roading activities. There is also no recovery service provided for when off road and costs of damage and recovery are the sole responsibility of the hirer. Please see the rental car terms and conditions below for more detail.

Do the vehicles have security alarms?
Yes all our vehicles are fitted with alarms, immobilisers and GPS tracking to keep your gear and the vehicle safe. GPS tracking may also be used as evidence of any negligent driving that has resulted in damage to the vehicle.

What sleeping equipment do I need to bring?
All you need to bring is a sleeping bag and a towel. Mattress and pillows are provided.

What are your rental terms and conditions?
To read our terms and conditions of hire click here.